Uruguay vs France

France has a good new Cavani will not play in the opening squad. Luis Suarez says no Cavani no problem for Uruguay we are strong without Cavani. France playing too high-quality football in this world cup.

France and Uruguay qualify for world cup Quarter-final to fight to legends footballers team Argentina and Portugal. Uruguay’s defence is too strong just one goal scored the opposition team to break up the defence.

Suarez and Cavani have simultaneously to perform five of La Celeste’s six goals in Russia, anyhow they must defend mutually a high-powered France particle that has provisional opponents to such or fewer goals on seven occasions around an eight-match unbeaten disclose across en masse competitions.

Since close out CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying at the same time as a five-match losing disclose, Uruguay has turned far and wide it’s biased, suffering seldom such bewilder in its yesterday 13 matches across generally told competitions and surrendering barely one lock stock and barrel goal everywhere a seven-match fine and dandy streak.

Suarez and Cavani have been perpetual contributors to the Uruguayan challenge, mutually at least one of them scoring in six of the squad’s seven different wins—including Cavani’s two-goal attitude in La Celeste’s 2-1 victory everywhere Portugal as +200 underdogs in round-of-16 action.

However, Cavani’s action remains doubtful after the Paris Saint-Germain providence suffered a leg miff in the win everywhere the reigning European champions.

That’s valuable news for France, whose omission was gunfire on generally told cylinders in a 4-3 round-of-16 win completely Argentina as +140 favourites.

Le Bleus have outscored opponents by a 16-7 margin everywhere their avant-garde eight-match unbeaten unmask but have struggled in horse and buggy day meetings with Uruguay, scoring once in a blue moon one lock stock and barrel goal interim going winless in six all-time clashes, including three beforehand World Cup matchups.


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